Candida Cured In Days With Fruit, 17lbs Weight Loss In 8 Weeks

Candida cured in days? 17 Lbs weight loss in 8 weeks? Menopause symptoms gone?

This is the story of Tina who experienced dramatic health changes with weight loss and had her candida cured in days by changing her diet to a high carb one and implementing lifestyle changes.

Tina’s Candida Albicans infection had been a problem for her for a long time and she was desperate to find an answer.

Candida, also known as Candida Albicans, can cause all manner of health problems.

If a candida infection is left untreated, this can lead to health issues, like a leaky gut and even to autoimmune diseases so is something that you need to address.

Tina did not understand why she was still suffering with her candida and was also very overweight on her supposedly “healthy”, high fat Keto diet.

She had tried to heal herself of her Candida Albicans overgrowth with her high fat Keto diet but it was only getting worse, so she knew she had to try a different approach.

She thought she was eating very healthily with her Keto diet and would go for what she thought was the best quality animal foods which had been grass-fed, yet her health issues were getting worse and not better, including her excess weight.

To lose excess weight many people will go on a Keto diet, or try a specific weight loss program or weight loss exercise but very often they fail and the reason is that they are not on a healthy diet to start with which is a diet that is high in whole food carbs and low in fat.

So we began working with Tina to help her resolve her health issues, which included her candida overgrowth and her excess weight, but she had reservations about the high carb, high fruit lifestyle.

Doesn’t sugar and carbs, including fruit sugar actually feed candida and make you put on weight?

This is what people who follow a Keto or high fat Paleo diet actually believe, but Tina now thinks differently.

Today, Tina is sharing her inspiring story with you.

Don’t miss today’s interview, it will show you what’s possible for you if you’re willing to work hard and follow a proven system.

Discover it all in this video and leave your comments below:

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  •   Charlotte  |   

    Love love love Tina’s story. It is very inspiring and encouraging.

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