Ultramarathoner Runs 160 Miles And Releases 66 Pounds Eating Fruit Based Raw Vegan

Harriet Kjaer has been following a fruit-based raw vegan diet for 7 years now and it has completely transformed her life! She’s an ultramarathoner and has just recently completed a 265km/160 mile race.

She also released 30kg/66lbs since she started the high-carb raw food lifestyle.

Today she’s sharing her empowering story with us.

Harriet Releases 66 Pounds Eating Fruit Based Raw Vegan

Harriet started on this diet after initially doing fruit cleanses for 2 days a week. It felt so good that she decided to go all raw, fruit based raw vegan.

In the past her maximum running distance was 100km, but this changed when she changed her diet.

She started to run further, recover faster and even cut her marathon time down by 40 minutes and her 100K run by 70 minutes!

The biggest change apart from her weight loss was her new found energy and a sense of freedom in her body and mind.

Her next race is going to be a 900km or 600 mile one across the Pyrenees in Southern France and she will be using fruit to power her through the race.

What are your thoughts on Harriet’s transformation and her “no limits” perception of life? Leave your comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Ultramarathoner Runs 160 Miles And Releases 66 Pounds Eating Fruit Based Raw Vegan

  •   JoAnne Stein  |   

    What a great video, I discovered the raw fruit lifestyle a few years ago and have done two 30-day all fruit “detoxes” so far. I have to say it’s hard to go back on cooked food and inside I know I’m moving more toward eating more fruit. Right now I just went back on fruit because I feel so much better that way. I just found your channel and it’s so inspiring to see people who have been living this lifestyle for so many years. What you said about starting struck a chord because although I’ve done 30 days on fruit before, toward the end I really want to eat cooked food. So I worry that I won’t be able to do this for years on end like some people. But watching this video I had an a-ha moment where I realized that just because someone has been on a raw vegan diet for 7 years, for example, that doesn’t mean they were 100% “perfect” every day of those 7 years. Like you said, you might eat something or take a detour, but you learn from it and get right back on. I really needed to hear that so thanks for sharing!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Very glad JoAnne that you found our interview helpful! Yes, life is like a race in many ways and when certain events happen along the way I think we need to change our perspective and look at them as simply a learning experience rather than some sort of mistake or failure.

  •   E-Z On Raw  |   

    No limits, limits are only held in the mind. As long as your fueling yourself healthfully their are no limits really :))

  •   Justin Belcher  |   

    How long does the Pyrenees race take? How much sleep do you need?

  •   Daniel Daly  |   

    I agree with the no limits. In order to support the vegan movement and help others we have to think beyond normal conventions. We also can be sensitive to those who have not made that step by having no limits. No limits means being free from emotions that judge others so that we can connect with them.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      I really like what you’ve said!

  •   Dennis Price  |   

    I wonder if she is fully raw during these long races and what she eats during them

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      She is! Runs on watermelons and dates mostly.

      •   Dennis Price  |   

        Rawsomehealthy I think Mike arnstein back in the day said he used gels and sugary drinks only during the race. Can’t imagine running with watermelon in my backpack that long unless all the aid stations include sliced watermelons. I was just curious. Most I’ve ever done is marathons. I tried being raw before but didn’t work well for me because I didn’t eat enough fruit and had too low of an appetite and terrible stomach function being unable to digest enough. My stomach is working better now from taking vitamins ironically

        •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

          Well, it would be nice to think that whole plant foods by themselves work for every single health situation, but sometimes our health does calls for additional help so we can achieve the health we desire.

  •   Carrie D  |   

    What a beautiful inspiration Harriet is.. I am not a raw or even vegan ( vegetarian) but i love what positiveness comes from her attitude .. I may need to try raw days to get more energy :-)

  •   Joanie  |   

    Very inspirational indeed. When you were discussing fear of maintaining this diet tomorrow ( just do it today), it reminds me of alcohol addiction, which I faced many years ago. I have heard a few others say what I felt then – What if some horrible thing happens – how will I handle it without alcohol? That fear kept me from trying that day and many others. Once we start whatever it is we need to start, only day by day, and then, gradually, we are smoothly going along and enjoying life in a whole new way – and the fear disappears. I appreciate the reminder because I have been struggling with feeling defeated by my failure to do what I feel I should do in my diet. Thanks.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Glad that the interview has helped you Joanie!

  •   aurora  |   

    Which book you recommend so I should read to start?

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