Why You Gained Weight On The 80/10/10 Diet

Although the majority of people achieve high levels of success with weight loss on the 80/10/10 raw vegan diet, there is a small percentage of people who cannot release weight on a high carb and low fat, raw vegan diet.

In this video you will learn the reasons why people gain weight on the 80/10/10 diet, how Yulia herself gained weight, how she then achieved weight loss whilst remaining on this diet, and how you can achieve it too!

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73 thoughts on “Why You Gained Weight On The 80/10/10 Diet

  •   RebelwithaCause777  |   

    What about starches , like beans, whole grains and wheat etc Also nuts and seeds.Do you eat this as well or is it strictly fruits and veggies?

  •   Jay Kay  |   

    Hi Yulia, recently I had to finish the 811 diet because I fought few problems – my period went crazy (I had it every 2 weeks), my skin went from dry to superdry, corners of my lips were bleeding, I was tired and I found I gained weight.. When I started with 811 3 moths ago I was fine – I had more energy and felt better but something went wrong or this is not for me.. I don't know what to do, what I am doing wrong.. My husband and friends made me eat some other things – even meat and eggs and my skin and lips went better.. but still I feel no 100%..

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Jay, I don’t know the details of your diet and your lifestyle. By the sound if it you did not do the 80/10/10 lifestyle correctly. Have you read the 80/10/10 diet book and have you been following the recommendations? Have you also improved other lifestyle factors?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Jay,

      Without knowing all your details, I would simply be guessing as to what might have caused you to experience these problems. If you want to experience success with this diet, then we do offer coaching packages, which you are welcome to explore at http://www.rawsomehealthy.com/coaching/

      Let me know what you think.

      Best wishes


  •   holy living  |   

    Mike- they are strictly fruit and veg with little nut seeds, raw 80/10/10 lifestyle. Unless something has changed with them, that is the lifestyle, no grains or beans.

  •   Alexandra R.  |   

    Dr. McDougall recommends starch (like grains and beans) but Dr. Graham recommends raw fruit and vegetables. Dr. Graham’s regime is best, but Dr. McDougall’s is a great back up plan.

  •   FitCurvyRaw  |   

    Great video. I always recommend people read “The 80/10/10 Diet”. Dr. Doug also states that you are NOT following the 80/10/10 diet if you burn LESS THAN 40% of your total calories through physical activity.

  •   iVeggie Kane  |   

    yeah that would be really interesting to see, plus this 80/10/10 term is new to me

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Are you a male or a female? How old are you?

  •   Andrea Zemrau  |   

    i gained about 20lbs when i switched my diet to 801010. i think a lot of it was water, i really looked and felt bloated. It lasted for over a year but in the last couple of months i’ve lost the weight. I went on a 21 day juice feast which helped a lot. I think it really helped to reduce the toxicity in my system (which was maybe why i was holding onto the water). I think reducing my caloric intake has helped as well. I feel loads better now i’m not so bloated!

  •   Hilde  |   

    I love this! Finally I hear an 811 deit follower talk about calories having to stay in the range that responds to your burning of them. I think many are so effected about this 3000 calorie thing, the eating too much foods for their needs, that they fail. Many of the 811 followers are very athelic, and that is important to remember, because many of the searchers for health are not, as they are scik and can not run at all. 
    Love Hilde

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hilde, thank you. Yes, it is important to consider a wide range of needs and then structure the diet and lifestyle appropriately.

  •   WhatAxBrit  |   

    I’m a male, 19 years old.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    We will be at the festival, so look forward to meeting you there. Glad our videos are helping you and thanks for your nice comments and support.

  •   danthemanholt  |   

    Organic bananas are much better. 30 medium bananas (118g each one) a day gives you 39g of protein, 420g of simple carbs, 300g of resistant starches, and 90g of fiber. If you bruise the bananas some of those resistant starches convert to simple carbs but I can’t calculate that. Resistant starches don’t digest unless they’re heated and fiber never digests. Only half of simple carbs convert to glycogen in the body and the other half converts to free fatty acids so it’s 210g of carbs and 94g of fat.

  •   danthemanholt  |   

    25% of simple carbohydrates are burned to convert the other 75% to free fatty acids in the body. So 30 bananas would be 70g of fat and 220g of carbohydrates that actually convert into glycogen. That would be a total of 1510 calories plus the other 108 calories of fruit fat in a banana which is 12g of fat for a total of 1618 calories that are actually digested but I can’t count the bruised portion if the resistant starches convert to simple carbs because I don’t know how much does.

  •   danthemanholt  |   

    You need 56 hours of sleep a week. That’s about 8 hours of sleep a day. If you’re behind on sleep you can just sleep extra the next day. If you want the highest performance you need to catch up on that sleep which a lot of people don’t do. Your body keeps a count of how much sleep you’re behind and so you need to catch up on it. You need to sleep for atleast 60 to 90 minutes for each complete R.E.M. cycle as you’ll have about 7 R.E.M. cycles a night. Some R.E.M. cyles are shorter and longer.

  •   Boo Leigh  |   

    While I am still transitioning into the raw lifestyle, I found that being vegan alone with little exercise has still made it possible to lose some weight (20 pounds) Now that I’m becoming more raw with more exercise (Weight resistance and Cardio) I don’t lose a lot of weight, but I have gotten smaller. I’m interested to see how much change will come after fully transitioning, and no longer being in school. It’s much easier to be raw at work though:) I thank you for this very informative video!

  •   Rashida Blake  |   

    Drinking more water would help with weight loss too! 🙂

  •   arktana  |   

    hey.great video. what about cellulite?it seems to really increase since i started the diet(although lost weight).another question-what is the point of doing weight training on this lifestyle if u dont put in almost any post workout protein?i workout and want to firm up a bit and gain some small muscle mass(not grow big muscles),and every time i workout,it all gets lost and reversed back to were i started-because i consume so little protein post workout and in the days between workouts.. thanks!!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I do not know how long you have been doing this diet for but suggest that you read the 80/10/10 diet book by Dr Douglas Graham and it will explain all. You will get all the protein your body needs through eating the 80/10/10 way for sure. Getting rid of the cellulite can take time, just keep with the healthy diet and active lifestyle and you will notice a difference.

  •   arktana  |   

    thanks, i know what doug says , i was talking about my experience … wanted to hear your opinion on that specific problem of loosing all your muscle gains time and time again… also, about cellulite, my problem isnt just wether the diet will solve it, its that its gotten noticeably worse from the diet…do you know about the experience of other females in this matter?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes we know others on this diet who have gained their perfect shape – including losing their cellulite. Lifestyle factors like drinking enough water, quality sleep, consuming enough calories, proper recovery from exercise, having a regular exercise program that pushes your body etc all play an important role in building health and fitness. Getting all the factors right will enable you to build muscle and keep it.

  •   arktana  |   

    o.k. thanks a lot! have a great weekend:)

  •   rawbirbella  |   

    Love love love that video. Sooo common sense, but not many tell this way. 80-10-10 is the healthiest diet on the planet – but personal metabolism/energy expenditure must of course be taken into account.

  •   jaduwitch  |   

    I have this very issue. I have an issue losing weight and I am afraid to gain more weight on my raw food diet that I am trying out. My question is: (I am very short 5’1) I am trying to do 80-10-10 but my issue is balancing my calories. I find it difficult to eat 2000-3000 calories ONLY on high carb mainly fruit diet. Ex. if I eat 9 bananas that’s around 900 cal right there and then I’m hungry again. I find that I eat so much and still am hungry. I’m afraid to eat so much and gain weight instead.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Would recommend finishing your banana meals with greens, i.e. lettuce. If you are still transitioning, you body may be craving nutrients. Give it a couple of weeks of eating clean, low-fat and raw vegan (or as much raw as pos) and you will feel different, it happens to all of our clients.

  •   Cr4ator .  |   

    How did I end up here from watching documentary about Shaolin Monks 0.0

  •   Deema Farah  |   

    Hi there. Great videos!
    I have been following a high raw vegan diet for almost a year and a month ago I started following a high raw 80 10 10 diet but I started gaining weight. I’m 166 cm and I weigh 57 kgs. I consume 2500 calories on exercise days and 2000 during my rest day. I work out 5-6 days a week and I’ve been hearing about how many people gain weight at first and then get in shape but I’m terrified as I was obese in the past. I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think.

  •   81Amberella  |   

    hi there was a cool video by freelea the banana girl reaurding cellulite that i highly reccommend for you to see.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Deema, I am going to post a couple of videos on this subject this week, so please keep an eye on them.

  •   Ndem Nkem  |   

    it takes awhile for the body to get rid of all the junk people been eating for years.so for others weight loss can be fast .while for others the body hold on to what it can and may think its in survival mode.even with a good food source (fruit & veggies)when you put in alot more calories than you use then thats when it gets stored as fat.everyone is different put the main goal is just be more active and keep eating good.

  •   Lawrence Harasim  |   

    i can count on one hand of the people on youtube that claim 811 diet! …furthermore anyone can write a white paper or book…this does not mean that the information is absolutely correct for everyone!

  •   Morgan P  |   

    1) Bodies retain/ gain weight due to toxicity.. 2) Thyroid issues are very common 3) the more toxic the more time to heal 4) The body’s priority to heal is first health and repair and then weightloss…

  •   shahilagh  |   

    nice advice

  •   truth2748  |   

    Hate to break it to you all. Fundamentally, Veganism is not a diet at all. Veganism is the praxis of abolishing animal exploitation from our lives, a quest to end our terrible anthropocentric behavior. What you eat is an extension of the lifestyle, and only a small component of this 3000 year old ethically derived tenet. Unfortunately now a health fad for most Westerners. FACT: the majority of American, so called Vegans, think Veganism is a diet. Sigh.

  •   Acacia Gray  |   

    I’m only 4’11. Does anyone know how many calories I’d need to consume on this diet? Also, can you still lose the weight will cooked foods like basmati rice, spelt pasta, quinoa and beans? Thanks!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I would not recommend grains and beans personally. Steamed root veggies can be better during transitioning. Please see one of my videos called “How to work out your calories….” it will tell you the model to follow.

  •   TheMsiaddict  |   

    Read about how insulin affects your weight loss. Not everybody is the same.

  •   vigorbody6151  |   

    Hello Rawsomehealthy

    Can I ask a favor? I really enjoyed your video Why You Gained Weight On The…………..
    It was really informative. I wanted to find out if it was okay to repost your videos to my channel? All credit for the videos will still remain yours, and I will not edit the original video, unless you give me permission to do so. I can even keep the links in the video, as this will give you additional exposure. If this is acceptable to you, please let me know.


  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thats perfectly fine. Please go ahead and share!

  •   RAWinNewYork  |   

    More exercise for me. I am the raw vegan girl who is five feet two, I walk a lot around NYC and I practice yoga as my exercise routine. Time for me to get my run on. Thanks so much!

  •   Winterstick549  |   

    Peel and freeze super ripe bananas.
    Put two of them into blender.
    Add about a third of a cup of (for me) almond, or coconut milk.
    Add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
    Blend and you have super tasty banana ice cream.
    I add a hand full of frozen spanich, or broccoli sprouts, etc.
    Doctor and modify as your wish.

  •   Kim Fortin  |   

    Ah! I’m 5’1″ and so glad you asked this question because I’m transitioning right now to 80/10/10 and really need to start getting serious about exercising (I’m pretty much sedentary in my office job for 8 hours).

    Good luck to both of us!

  •   Mike Younis  |   

    I could never go fully raw. I can go raw for 2 meals but I neeeeeed my cooked dinners. lol

  •   Jonny Last  |   

    What if I want to gain a bit of weight? Can I do this on a 80/10/10 diet?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes of course you can and add it as muscle weight as well for your health and fitness.

  •   ScarlettDuchess  |   

    Calorie in calorie out doesn’t take into account biochemisty. It’s what you eat that counts. Check out the Diet Doctor article: “What Happens If You Eat 5,800 Calories Daily on an LCHF Diet?”

  •   O Perry  |   

    I was wondering the same thing because this video makes a lot of sense.

  •   dickyboyryw  |   

    Its vital you not only read the book by Dr Graham, but also exercise daily. Anaerobic, ir weight bearing is vital. If yiu dont, you do skinny and weak looking .

  •   Ben Kysinsky  |   

    I lost 47lb with 80/10/10 over 3 years ago and still did no gain it back…and yes that means I am still doing it…low fat raw vegan is the way to go….it makes you feel fantastic and strong!

  •   shroomingnewman  |   

    raw vegan diet is a fad. just stick with vegan

  •   arbonac  |   

    I ate soy fake meat and gained 3 lbs. WHAT GIVES?

  •   arbonac  |   

    The book 80/10/10 book is wordy and has a hard time getting to the point.

  •   lilly-may smyth  |   

    the reason people gain is because it cleanses all the acids from your organs and your body retains alot of water to buffer the acids that have been realsed into your blood bowel and lymph system. So for people who are very toxic they release all these toxins that are stored in their organs and there body is not healthy enough to remove them so your weight goes up. People can be holding onto 50 pounds of water.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    The low fat raw vegan diet is certainly not a fad, and testament to this is how it has changed peoples loves for the better. See our other videos for people who have healed themselves including ourselves.

  •   shroomingnewman  |   

    its a fad because most people that try it inevitably fail. its setting people up for failure. only the most zealous people can succeed. and i find absolutely no reason to give up cooked vegan.

  •   Vegan Daddy  |   


  •   Danny Rossa Raw  |   

    You are so right you have to read 80/10/10 to follow 80/10/10!

  •   normalityist  |   

    this is soo nice! please help me gain weight

  •   FindVegan  |   

    The raw food vegan lifestyle is not a fad. I’ve tried it and I love how it feels. Go to your farmers market and pick up the most variety of fruits, veggies, and nuts you can. Then get a Magic Bullet or blender and make great smoothies along with great salads. Its not boring because you can create monster salads with so many veggies and fruits. Just sounds dumb with you call it a fad and yet you’ve never tried it. I’m a total fan for life.

  •   pierre1050  |   

    Thank you

  •   Ruth Dreier  |   

    Thank you! I have been in a struggle and your approach is very balanced!

  •   Clint Roberts  |   

    You look like a queen and still have sexy curves..

  •   Kamadev888  |   

    Unfortunately, it’s NOT a small percentage of people who gain lots of weight with 80-10-10, nor is it a small percentage who fall ill. And they’re NOT idiots who don’t read books of inform themselves. In fact, many of them have read many good books on raw food. They sleep well, hydrate themselves, exercise, meditate, and have a generally healthy lifestyle but still gain weight or can’t gain weight.IF sleeping, exercise etc. were the main factors in gaining weight, then wouldn’t these people have gained more weight on the ‘normal’ diet than with the so-called ‘healthy’ 80-10-10?OF COURSE somebody lost 130 pounds, but this is only if the person COULD lose 130 pounds, in other words people who had 300 pounds lost 130 pounds! Of course they did, if they went from eating cakes and hamburgers to eating salads, apples and nuts!80-10-10 is only good for the short term, it is very good for healing some illnesses and cleansing your organism, but in the LONG TERM, the results have proven to be really bad in terms of health, and I’m talking about people who have lived healthy and REALLY read up on raw food, and tried lots of different combinations with raw food over several years. Nothing worked long-term – first year – amazing blood analysis, no B12 deficiency. Next year – B12 deficiency, had to start eating a bit of cooked food, taking B12 supplements, etc, etc.IF 80-10-10 was the PERFECT diet for all humanity, do you not think humanity would have figured it out by now? Somewhere, sometime in the past 50,000 years? Do you not think that it would be SIMPLE to apply such a NATURAL diet? But it’s not – you need to read loads of books, try lots of things, and in the end, if you’re like most – probably fail. (The % of people who are successful and healthy after 5-10 years of pure 80-10-10 is minimal, and most of them are the people you see on youtube, the ‘raw food leaders’).I think most raw food promoters should try it on themselves, nothing but raw food for 10 years, and only then tell others about it, IF they are still 100% healthy and have no cravings for other food.

  •   plaszczka6661327  |   

    I’m 172cm, eating 2000 calories, running three times a week for 40 minutes. I’ve gained 1,5kg and I’m trying not to freak out, but it’s hard.

  •   greenlimabean  |   

    she gets to the “why” at the 3 min mark: we are either doing the diet
    wrong, or we aren’t excersicing correctlly. also, how do you know its a
    “very small percentage” who gain weight?sounds so presumptuous. go to rice
    and raw for kind and helpful advice on the weight gain, which is NOT

  •   Liuthen  |   

    Restricting your calories is BS!

  •   fuckgeorge  |   

    so the key is to “balance what you eat and how much exercise you do?” then
    why do i need to be on this diet?

  •   HealthyVoyagerTV  |   

    Great video!

  •   mihaela ion  |   

    Very true. There is no need to eat more than our body uses. When I was
    eating a lot of dates and a lot of bananas, I gained 5 kgs. As soon as I
    took them out of my diet and focused on water-rich fruits and increased my
    intake of veggies, I lost those 5 kgs. And I felt better, lighter, my
    digestion was even faster.

  •   Ranger5004  |   

    You look like a professional model

  •   Emily Trofimov  |   

    I have been a vegan for abut 3 years (High fat diet) and was restricting my calories the first 2 years. I no longer restrict calories ( I eat around 2000 a day) and I am pretty active. I do CrossFit 3 days a week and run 2-3 days a week along with walking/hiking etc. I just read 80-10-10 and started eating raw about 2 weeks ago. I am now 5’4 130 pounds.. I have always eaten a good majority of my meals raw but I am now switching to high carb low fat (the past 5 months I was bingeing on nuts and fat) I finally decided to go with 80-10-10 because I felt like shit from all the fat I was eating and I have gained a good 10 pounds in 6 months. I no longer calorie restricting and i assume some of the weight is muscle from CrossFit ( I have always weight lifted but not this intense of a type of lifting.) In the past 2 weeks days its seems I have gained another 4 pounds. I am not sure why I am gaining weight but would like advice on how long it took for everyones body to loose fat? Is it very important to stick with mono meals? Can food poor food combining disrupt the weight loss on 80-10-10? Thanks everyone!

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