What Weight Lifting For 12 Months Did To My Body

Weight lifting (if you do it right!) is a powerful way to build a beautiful body, shift excess body fat and  make you stronger.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve been lifting weights consistently and today I’m sharing my transformation with you.

My 2 main goals when I started lifting weights were to build a more defined body and shift some extra body fat, creating a leaner and fitter physique.

Following the birth of our daughter, I got back into doing cardio and body weight exercises, however I felt that there was more I could do as I was still holding on to some extra post-natal weight!

I’ve never lifted weights consistently in the past and mainly focused on the body weight exercises, so it was a whole new experience for me.

As part of my program, I focused on full body type weight lifting (compound exercises) — the types of exercise that builds different muscle groups all at the same time, vs isolated muscle building when you use machine weights for example.

I talk about the specific exercises that I do in the video above.

You’ll hear in fitness circles that in order to lose weight, you’ve got to severely restrict your calories.

Well, I never did that. Whilst I understand people can get faster results when they do, I’m breastfeeding and severely restricting my calories, being hungry and frustrated all the time is just not for me. Greatly restricting calories is not something I agree with anyway for anyone.

Instead, I focused on eating an abundance of nutrient dense foods – my diet was primarily fruit-based with plenty of vegetables and all vegan.

I did not restricted my calories or changed my diet at all as I am a breastfeeding mum so need to eat enough.

So 12 months later I am so grateful for my weight lifting program and I feel much stronger in my body, tighter in my butt, more defined in my abs, toned in my arms, and have a lower body fat percentage!

Not doing weight lifting yet? Here are some of the benefits that you can experience when you do:

  • Natural and sustainable weight loss
  • Helps you burn calories
  • Results in healthy metabolism
  • Builds stronger muscles, which also help prevent injuries
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Creates stronger bones
  • Allows you to build a defined and muscular body and feel sexy!

I really recommend that you implement a complete health system for yourself and get into weight lifting, as well as eating a super healthy, whole plant foods diet with as much raw as possible.

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    I would like to know the program you used too. I am starting the 5 day kickstart diet tomorrow ???

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