Weight Loss Plateau? 4 Surprising Reasons

Looking to overcome a weight loss plateau? Weight loss plateau is probably the most frustrating issue for most women, especially when they eat well and exercise.

There are many possible reasons why you might have a weight loss plateau – you diet, lifestyle stress levels and … your hormones!

Yes, certain hormones can well be affecting your weight and explain your weight loss resistance.

In my video today, I explain about the 4 surprising reasons for weight loss resistance and.

Without fixing these, no calorie counting or diets will really help and this can lead to great frustration among many people.

Weight Loss Plateau? 4 Surprising Reasons Why …

So let’s take a look at these 4 hormonal issues that can stall your weight loss or cause you to gain even more weight.

Low Thyroid

Suffering with a low functioning thyroid can cause many health issues and one of these is putting on excess weight. (1)

As your thyroid hormone levels become too low then your metabolism slows down and this then typically leads to your body burning less calories and so storing them as fat. The fact that you also have less energy to do exercise compounds the issue further.

High Cortisol

Most of us live in a world that causes us to get highly stressed. Unfortunately this high level of stress can have a very negative impact upon our health, including the health of our hormones and one in particular is cortisol.

Stress is a natural part of life.

In our distant past stress would have helped save us from attacks by wild animals where what is called our fight or flight mechanism would kick in. (2)

But what if this level of stress is experienced continually, over prolonged periods of time? Well this can lead to a lot of health and weight challenges.

Estrogen dominance

Estrogen dominance is one of the most common hormonal imbalances that women can experience. (3)

Estrogen is crucial to the functioning of the female body and is involved with many different processes.

These include bone health, insulin sensitivity, hunger and satiety the metabolism of cholesterol, our menstrual cycle and also our mood.

The problem is when estrogen levels become unbalanced and go too high, this can cause all manner of health problems and one of these is gaining excess weight.

Insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone that does plays a number of roles in the human body and one of these is blood sugar control.

This is when your body’s cells don’t respond to insulin like they are supposed to (as insulin is the hormone that transports blood sugar to your body’s cells) and so then cause elevated blood sugar levels. (4)

Discover more about the surprising causes of weight loss resistance in my video today!


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